10 Tips For A Good Shoe Fit!

The perfection that a shoe can bring to your general outlook is something that makes dressing up worth it. A great pair of shoes can speak volumes. Therefore, it is important that you ensure it is more than great. It has to be comfortable and fit just right. Here are ten tips for a getting a good shoe fit.

  1. Ensure that the shop attendant measures your feet first before they get you any pair of shoes to try on. This makes it easy to pick the shoes that are exactly your size.
  2. Ensure that you are trying the shoes on while you are standing. This is because when you try the shoe on while you are seated, it may feel comfortable enough and you may believe that it is the perfect shoe size. Standing up will give you the right impression. Make sure that your toes are comfortable by wiggling them.
  3. Now that you are trying the shoe while standing how about walking around? Make a few rounds from corner to corner of the store, and you pay attention to the shoes. If there is any part that feels uncomfortable or slips off, do not buy the shoe.
  4. Always try your shoes with your socks on. When you are purchasing closed shoes, you will be wearing them with a pair of socks. Therefore, do this so that you can ensure the shoes are comfortable with socks on. Some shoes will fit perfectly but pinch your feet when you wear a pair of socks.
  5. Always pick a shoe that is shaped like your foot. We all have different shapes for our feet. Some are slender while some are wide. Some are wider at the front and narrower at the back, and so on. Therefore, choose a shoe that will flow nicely with your foot.
  6. Our feet are not always proportional. There will be one foot that will be longer while the other one will be shorter. Therefore, always try on shoes giving priority to the longer foot. If you go with the shorter foot and if fits, the other foot will not fit in the other shoe.
  7. Always go for shoe shopping in the afternoon. Our feet tend to expand as the day goes by. Therefore, when you fit a shoe at this time, then when you wear it for a day and your feet expand, you will still feel comfortable.
  8. Always know that shoes come in different designs and from different countries. Therefore, do not always depend on the same shoe size to order for shoes. This brings in the essence of having your feet measures. Therefore, if your shoe size for shoes made in the USA is size x, do not assume that size x from Japan will fit perfectly too.
  9. A shoe that fits perfectly should also be comfortable. Therefore, look at the inner material used for the shoe. The leather is the most preferable. Check the sole to ensure that it protects you from any hard.
  10. Never use someone else’s feet to pick a shoe. Just because you wear the same size as someone else does not mean that you can say, “Get me a pair that looks like that of the same size.” As we have said, the features of our feet vary in as much as the length may be the same. There are things like the shape, the wideness of the balls of your feet, and so on.

If you ever go wrong when choosing a shoe that fits perfectly after reading this, then you are beyond saving.