10 Tricks Shops Don’t Want You to Know

There are certain tricks and hacks that you can always use when shopping that can give you benefits untold. In as much as stores try to hide them, it is our pleasure to uncover them for you. Here are the top ten hacks to try.

  1. Shops will always have hidden discount codes on the price tags of their products. They typically use biro pens to mark the products that will reduce in price in a few days and the new amount. Therefore, if you find a product that has been marked, leave it and buy it after a few days
  2. As a student, you are entitled to more discount benefits. Usually, it will be between 10% and 15%. You can still get the discount benefits after you have graduated and your student’s ID has not expired.
  3. When you are purchasing from an online store, instead of having the product dropped at your address, use their physical store as a drop-off point. This means that you will be able to save on that shipping money because you will not be charged. This is a perfect trick for stores with no free shipping.
  4. Always watch out for the clearance sales so that you can have a perfect opportunity to persistently bargain until you get the price you want. You can also know the product that is on clearance or one that has been discounted. Typically, when the price ends with a 7 or 8, the product has been discounted. When the last digit is 1, the product is being cleared.
  5. When you are shopping from Amazon, there is a certain amount of money you have to spend so that you can get free delivery. Therefore, if you are purchasing a product and it has not hit the free delivery requirement, add something that is relevant yet cheap enough to top up the amount, and you will receive free delivery of products.
  6. If you need to return a product you have purchased at a store, but you have lost the receipt, your credit card statement can work. According to customer rights, your bank statement can work just fine. Still, you will need a smile, an excellent personality, and a convincing talk for it to be easy.
  7. Make use of scheduled discounts. Many shoppers never track the time when a particular shop will offer discounts while the truth is that these discounts are usually schedules. When you master the schedule, you will always know when it is time to shop extravagantly.
  8. Ensure that you check the prices and discounts for a ‘Buy-one-get-one’ deal. Most of the times, this is just a trick they play on you to make you think you are saving when you are only spending more. In as much as it is irresistible, be cautious.
  9. Always ensure that you save up a lot of coupons and use them at once. This way, you will be able to save much more when you go on a shopping expedition.
  10. You can also open a credit card with the store to get a discount. When you are planning to purchase a lot of things, do this but cut the card right after. If you keep using the card, they will charge you certain fees and interests.

When you use these tips, you stand to enjoy a lot of benefits that will make your shopping spree more exciting.