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10 Tricks Shops Don’t Want You to Know

There are certain tricks and hacks that you can always use when shopping that can give you benefits untold. In as much as stores try to hide them, it is our pleasure to uncover them for you. Here are the top ten hacks to try.

  1. Shops will always have hidden discount codes on the price tags of their products. They typically use biro pens to mark the products that will reduce in price in a few days and the new amount. Therefore, if you find a product that has been marked, leave it and buy it after a few days
  2. As a student, you are entitled to more discount benefits. Usually, it will be between 10% and 15%. You can still get the discount benefits after you have graduated and your student’s ID has not expired.
  3. When you are purchasing from an online store, instead of having the product dropped at your address, use their physical store as a drop-off point. This means that you will be able to save on that shipping money because you will not be charged. This is a perfect trick for stores with no free shipping.
  4. Always watch out for the clearance sales so that you can have a perfect opportunity to persistently bargain until you get the price you want. You can also know the product that is on clearance or one that has been discounted. Typically, when the price ends with a 7 or 8, the product has been discounted. When the last digit is 1, the product is being cleared.
  5. When you are shopping from Amazon, there is a certain amount of money you have to spend so that you can get free delivery. Therefore, if you are purchasing a product and it has not hit the free delivery requirement, add something that is relevant yet cheap enough to top up the amount, and you will receive free delivery of products.
  6. If you need to return a product you have purchased at a store, but you have lost the receipt, your credit card statement can work. According to customer rights, your bank statement can work just fine. Still, you will need a smile, an excellent personality, and a convincing talk for it to be easy.
  7. Make use of scheduled discounts. Many shoppers never track the time when a particular shop will offer discounts while the truth is that these discounts are usually schedules. When you master the schedule, you will always know when it is time to shop extravagantly.
  8. Ensure that you check the prices and discounts for a ‘Buy-one-get-one’ deal. Most of the times, this is just a trick they play on you to make you think you are saving when you are only spending more. In as much as it is irresistible, be cautious.
  9. Always ensure that you save up a lot of coupons and use them at once. This way, you will be able to save much more when you go on a shopping expedition.
  10. You can also open a credit card with the store to get a discount. When you are planning to purchase a lot of things, do this but cut the card right after. If you keep using the card, they will charge you certain fees and interests.

When you use these tips, you stand to enjoy a lot of benefits that will make your shopping spree more exciting.

10 Tips For A Good Shoe Fit!

The perfection that a shoe can bring to your general outlook is something that makes dressing up worth it. A great pair of shoes can speak volumes. Therefore, it is important that you ensure it is more than great. It has to be comfortable and fit just right. Here are ten tips for a getting a good shoe fit.

  1. Ensure that the shop attendant measures your feet first before they get you any pair of shoes to try on. This makes it easy to pick the shoes that are exactly your size.
  2. Ensure that you are trying the shoes on while you are standing. This is because when you try the shoe on while you are seated, it may feel comfortable enough and you may believe that it is the perfect shoe size. Standing up will give you the right impression. Make sure that your toes are comfortable by wiggling them.
  3. Now that you are trying the shoe while standing how about walking around? Make a few rounds from corner to corner of the store, and you pay attention to the shoes. If there is any part that feels uncomfortable or slips off, do not buy the shoe.
  4. Always try your shoes with your socks on. When you are purchasing closed shoes, you will be wearing them with a pair of socks. Therefore, do this so that you can ensure the shoes are comfortable with socks on. Some shoes will fit perfectly but pinch your feet when you wear a pair of socks.
  5. Always pick a shoe that is shaped like your foot. We all have different shapes for our feet. Some are slender while some are wide. Some are wider at the front and narrower at the back, and so on. Therefore, choose a shoe that will flow nicely with your foot.
  6. Our feet are not always proportional. There will be one foot that will be longer while the other one will be shorter. Therefore, always try on shoes giving priority to the longer foot. If you go with the shorter foot and if fits, the other foot will not fit in the other shoe.
  7. Always go for shoe shopping in the afternoon. Our feet tend to expand as the day goes by. Therefore, when you fit a shoe at this time, then when you wear it for a day and your feet expand, you will still feel comfortable.
  8. Always know that shoes come in different designs and from different countries. Therefore, do not always depend on the same shoe size to order for shoes. This brings in the essence of having your feet measures. Therefore, if your shoe size for shoes made in the USA is size x, do not assume that size x from Japan will fit perfectly too.
  9. A shoe that fits perfectly should also be comfortable. Therefore, look at the inner material used for the shoe. The leather is the most preferable. Check the sole to ensure that it protects you from any hard.
  10. Never use someone else’s feet to pick a shoe. Just because you wear the same size as someone else does not mean that you can say, “Get me a pair that looks like that of the same size.” As we have said, the features of our feet vary in as much as the length may be the same. There are things like the shape, the wideness of the balls of your feet, and so on.

If you ever go wrong when choosing a shoe that fits perfectly after reading this, then you are beyond saving.

10 Style Tips For Young Men

In this era that we live, there is no room for anyone to look anything less than fashionable. Setting trends and following some of the most popular trends is something that everyone should live for. As a young man, staying fashionable should not be taken lightly. Use these ten tips to ensure you are on top of your game.

  1. Get a fashion icon to follow. There are so many stylish young men out there. There is also that one person that will always dress in a manner that impresses you. Make a point to learn from them. It will save you.
  2. Learn the right way to do layering. When it comes to layering, it is never all about throwing one piece of clothing over the other. It requires skill and technique. But once learned, it is a great look for any young man.
  3. Always wear the clothes that fit you perfectly. This will make you look neat and composed. Anything that is baggy does not fit properly, and does not give a perfect outline of your body without being too tight should be set aside.
  4. Do not forget to incorporate a little bit of color to make things pop. Pairing up brilliant colors can get your style looking exquisite without really struggling. Color and style sometimes walk hand in hand.
  5. If you are going for pants that have pleats, ensure that the pleats are minimally applied. When the pleats are too big, the pants will seem bigger around your waist which can translate into an unattractive look. It will also make you look shorter than you are.
  6. Keep things as simple as you can because there is nothing that can beat simplicity that comes with sophistication. Also remember, simplicity does not equal a rugged look, an untidy look, and so on. It means that you should know how to pair up your clothing without overdoing anything.
  7. Always know what to wear on all occasions to avoid any fashion embarrassments or feeling out of place because of your dressing. Whether it’s a formal or informal occasion, dress appropriately. If it is an informal occasion, also learn to distinguish what will be appropriate for a date with the boys, a date with a special girl, a party, an engagement party, and so on.
  8. While shopping, go to the stores that sell the best menswear because it is simpler since almost everything is laid out perfectly like a full outfit. This makes things easier and especially when it comes to pairing pieces of clothing together.
  9. Invest in exquisite shoes because shoes have a perfect way of complementing a look. They can take your look from a three star to a five-star rating.
  10. Always wear clean clothes that have been perfectly ironed. You may not have all the latest trends but take care of the clothes that you have now. Ensure that you are always clean, perfectly groomed, and iron your clothes. Look like a million dollar even if you are not a millionaire.

The world is open-minded when it comes to fashion and style. Therefore, never be afraid to try out something. Nothing is completely unacceptable if it’s done in an outstanding way when fashion and style are the subject matter.

5 Ways To Get A Wedding Dress Quickly!

Most women always dream about their wedding day. The most exciting thing is always the part where they get to dress up in that gorgeous wedding gown and walk down the aisle. So, when that day comes, here is what you will do to ensure that you get your perfect wedding dress in a hassle free way.

  1. Have Your Preferences Defined In Your Mind

There are so many wedding dress designs. There are strapless dresses, ball gowns, A-line dresses, slim skirts, halters and so much more. They also come in different colors and many other different specifications. Therefore, to make your search easy, have a clear image of what you want. This way, you will not try dress after dress searching for an unknown thing. When you know what you want, your list of preference will filter out all the unwanted dresses, and you will remain with those that you can consider.

  1. Know Your Budget

Every bride to be must know the budget that she is working with. When you know this, every shop that you step in will bring to your disposal all gowns that fit within the price range you. This will makes finding the dress an easy task. As a guide, it will also help you decide whether you will go for a brand new dress, a rental dress, or a second-hand dress. Renting a dress or buying a second-hand dress can comfortably accommodate your dress budget. But if you can get a brand new dress, that is great.

  1. Use The Internet To Your Advantage

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get a wedding dress. Compared to moving from store to store while searching for a dress, this is the fastest alternative. There are so many bridal stores online that sell gorgeous designer wedding dresses. There will be something that will catch your eye. All you have to ensure is that you get all the measurements required and use to get the perfect fit. The measurements that you use must also be maintained. That is, maintain your body size and weight with workouts and exercises so that the dress fits you when it arrives.

  1. Shop In Stores That Have Seamstresses

This will be very convenient when you shop for your wedding gown. When you find that perfect dress, and it needs some minor adjustments, then the seamstress will be there at your disposal to help you with the adjustments.

  1. Walk With Honest Friends

Typically, a shop will encourage you to say yes to the dress simply because they need to cash in that money. Therefore, walk with one or two honest friends who will tell you the truth about a dress. Walk with friends who have your interests at heart.

With all these said and done, have a happy time shopping and thank me later because your shopping experience has just been made easier.

5 Reasons Why People Love Shopping

We all love shopping. It relieves all the anxietyand stress, so is useful for a lot of individuals. A lot of studies have proven the benefits of this retail therapy. People feel really happy when they buy new clothes, new accessories, or any new products, as shopping somewhere satisfies their needs and wants for which preparation starts much before.The mantra followed for shopping is; Shop till you drop”. Some of the reasons why people love shopping are listed below:

1. Shopping gives pleasure to mind and soul :  People keep searching for smart, fashionable and trendy stuff all around when they are free or especially take out time. Even if a person has been out just for window shopping or for checking the ongoing trends, then also the feeling of satisfaction is achieved only when some purchasing is done. It feels updated with the fashion trend. Whatever things are left out gets added to the wish list. That’s how shopping gives pleasure and a sense of personal satisfaction. This choice selection is quite personal.

2. Shopping is a great morale booster :  According to some studies done by the psychologists, it is proved that before the act of purchasing just some moments before people’s morale gets a booster by looking at new things, products, dresses, then making a selection, trying them on, and then dreaming to buy, all these thoughts, helps in boosting morale at good heights.

3. Shopping is a sport : Shopping really takes long walking journeys with a sense of personal satisfaction. Therefore the more the person walks the more it burns its calories. It is an akin to a healthy, athletic competition. Shopping excursions feels like running in a marathon. This race and competition become much effort taking when there is a limited hour’s sale organized in international or domestic brands, people drive themselves in crazily. So are called rush hours of shopping, as offers and discounts are the words that encourage a shopper to win the race.

4. Shopping is a social activity :  Spending any day with friends is fun while doing shopping simultaneously. People hook up with their friends for spending good time together in a shopping mall, flea markets, etc, so that get good opinions on the selections they make while shopping. This is a proven thing that people trust other people’s decision more than their own decision. That’s how lots of people gather and get happy while doing shopping, as it serves two purposes: it helps people meeting their friends or relatives as well as relieves stress and brings happiness.

5. Shopping brings out the best of oneself :  It’s a retail therapy, as when one is getting ready for the interview or wants to go on a hot date, then shopping makes the person feel confident, amazing, and it also helps a person to present its best.

The above listed are just 5 some of the reasons; why people love shopping whereas most of the people just go for shopping without any reason, whenever they are free just to heal their crave for new fashion.

How to Choose Disposable Mesh briefs and Top 5 Reviews

Disposable Mesh Briefs are helping thousands of people across the world. Mainly for those suffering from incontinence. It is also a boon for all the new mothers out there. Here is a simple guide you need to follow while choosing the right mesh briefs.

● Size : The expected comfort from a disposable underwear is only assured when you choose the right size. It is recommended to choose a size that is larger of your hip and waist from the chart.

● Brand and Styling : Lately, many brands have launched these mesh briefs to the market. Most of the brands have come up with their unique design to provide a better experience for the buyers. You can go thoroughly go through the product description to choose the right one.

● Underwear for Men and Women : There is wide a classification in the product based on the requirements of both the genders. Some brands have also introduced unisex underwears mostly for people suffering from heavy incontinence.

● Discreteness : This is considered to be another very important factor. You would not want these disposable underwears to create the weird noise of rustling plastic. Therefore you can choose the ones with an outer layer made of cotton fabric.

● Pricing : The cost of one pack of these mesh briefs lie somewhere between $10 and $16. Costliest brands do not always offer the best product. Hence consider all the other factors with equal importance before choosing the right one.

● Reviews : It is quite obvious that you will go for an online purchase to maintain the discrepancy. In this case you can get a better idea of the product by reading the reviews from other customers.

To make the task at hand much easier for you, I have listed below the top five disposable mesh briefs.

● Mesh Pants by First Quality : This is a top seller in the category of disposable briefs. The contoured design helps to secure the incontinence liners and pads in their place. It is available in a wide range of sizes from medium to extra large.

● Medibriefs Mesh Incontinence Briefs by Meditech : These are unisex disposable briefs. They easily prevent the drying of skin and rashes. They are packed in a wide range of two underwears in each to a case of 100 underwears.

● TENA Comfort Mesh Pants by SCA : This is the best suitable pad holder for people suffering from light incontinence. The outer covering is made from a cloth like material which is a big add-on. This is also an unisex product.

● Mesh Underpants by McKesson : This is a latex free, light absorption unisex underpants. You can use only these briefs or also to hold the pad. They are ideal for waist size upto 56”.

● Premium Knit Incontinence Underpants by MedLine : They provide a great comfort when used along with the MedLine range of pads. Nonetheless they can be used used with any brand of pad or liners. The knit weave cloth like backsheet material stays soft against the skin.

Consider all the factors mentioned above and choices provided to make a quick selection for the right disposable mesh briefs.

Top 10 Books on Shopping Addiction

Shopping is a good addiction. Rightfully so, only when it does not cross the limit. The enjoyment one derives from shopping must not lead to a hefty burden on the pocket. The following are the must read books for every shopping addict to stay away from financial crisis.

Overcome Your Shopping Addiction by Stephen Howe

This book is the best guide for any shopping addict who is trying to overcome the problem. Stephen, the author has perceived shopping addiction as a cycle with various stages. He has included all the information you will require to let go of shopping addiction in a step by step process.


The Shopping Addiction And Hoarding Cure by Jessica Adams

The book aims to provide the right guide to over shopping obsession. Here ,Jessica talks on how the compulsion to shop can lead to hoarding problems. The book claims to have a proven record of curing the most overlooked addiction.

Shopping Addiction : Boot Camp by Emily V. Steinhauser

The book is filled with plenty of tactics to over the shopping addiction. The author has also written about the financial mess unwanted shopping can create in one’s life.

The Shopping Addiction by Jeffry Powell

This in one of the best seller’s in the above genre. That is reason the author has come up with the second edition of the book. In the same he has written many tips of self help for an impulsive shopaholic.

I Shop, Therefore I Am edited by April Lane Benson

Compulsive buying is mostly a secretive trait of a person. The book throws a light on the same and helps an individual to overcome the issue by introspection at various levels. The author has classified impulsive shopping into various levels in the book.

Spent : Memoirs of a Shopping Addict by Avis Cardella

A well known model and a fashion writer Avis, was herself a victim of shopping addiction. Through her book she has spoken about the consequences she had to face in life. In the further reading she has written about the methods she used to overcome it.

Underspent : How I Broke My Shopping Addiction and Buying Habit by Rachel Smith

The author went around interviewing many men and women in the US, UK and Australia. In process she discovered how an obsession to shop overly has increased the cost of living in the developed countries. By understanding the experience of the people she has suggested some impactful remedies to overcome the issue.

Addicted To Shopping and Other Issues Women Have With Money by Karen O’Connor

The author has raised many questions to every woman who goes on an unwanted shopping spree. These questions will majorly help you to evaluate the reasons behind shopping addiction which in turn leads to poor money management.

Stop Shopping Addiction by Lindsay Sullivan

Last but not the least this is another helpful guide to cure shopping compulsion in a systematic way. You can follow the simple steps the author has stated in the book to avoid all the financial trouble led by shopping addiction.

Now right away choose the any of the above books and help yourself to get over shopping addiction!

The World’s Largest Shopping Mall on Earth!

World’s Biggest Shopping Mall.Located in the heart the prestigious Downtown Dubai, described as ‘The Centre of Now, is The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest and most-visited retail and entertainment destination, which welcomed more than 80 million visitors in 2014.With a total internal floor area of 5.9 million sq ft, The Dubai Mall has 3.77 million sq ft of gross leasable space and over 1,200 retail outlets including two anchor department stores – Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale’s – and over 200 food and beverage outlets. The Dubai Mall offers an unparalleled retail mix combined with world-class dining, entertainment and leisure attractions.