Children’s dresses for birthday parties

Every girl dreams about her birthday party, with the decoration of her favorite character, and especially of looking like a princess, as well as in fairy tales and HQ’s. So if you are a mom or dad, you need to know that the time to see the options of children’s dresses is the most important because it is the main detail during the celebration.

And when we talk about girl‘s dresses for birthday, all the details matters. After all, it will become part of your daughter’s memory and you don’t want anything to go wrong, right? It isn’t enough that it is beautiful, has the decoration color or your daughter’s favorite character. It also needs to be comfortable, be ok with her age and much more.

We know that girls are already beautiful, full of charm and delicacy. However, a beautiful and comfortable dress will help her look even more confident for the most important day of her life: her birthday. And if this is important for her, it is important for you.

Peppa Pig Dress Ana Giovanna - Brazil

Peppa Pig Dress

That’s when she’ll meet friends and family, and celebrate another year of life. All this having fun, eating her favorite food and, mainly, playing a lot!

It is for these and other reasons that we bring several tips today to evaluate before choosing the ideal dress. From the theme to be picked up to tips for the comfort of your princess on the perfect day. So let’s get started:

Which theme to choose?

The party is for one of the most important people in your life, so it has to be amazing. Then choose, with your daughter, the characters she most identifies and likes. Let her participate in the process of planning the look. She’ll love it!

Nowadays, there are several princesses and other super famous characters that are true inspirations for girls, such as:

  • Minnie
  • Snow White
  • Barbie
  • Bela (from The Beauty and the Beast)
  • Elza or Ana (from Frozen)
  • Cinderella
  • Merida

With 3 major options at hand, see which ones are better. However, there are several styles of babies dresses for parties, with different characteristics, colors and quality. Then you need to go to the second step of defining the dress before starting the purchase.

How the quality of the material can help (or ruin) the party

Some parents think only of saving as much as possible at the party, forgetting that the quality of the materials used can simply ruin a celebration in the blink of an eye.

We can say it with certainty, because imagine if the dress rips in the middle of the party? What can be done? The birthday girl will be embarrassed, and probably no one will be prepared to fix it.

In addition, there is a concern: imagine if food or drink falls on top of it? Not to mention that parents can’t leave the birthday girl free with her guests to play, just thinking about it.

Another reason that needs to be remembered is the level of comfort of the birthday girl. You must constantly keep an eye on the ‘’atmosphere’’ of the party and, if necessary, buy two options of dress, in case it needs to be changed due to extreme heat or cold.

Being a long-sleeved or short dress, style matters a lot. Take care that the model does not sexualize or vulgarise your daughter, opt for dresses that are according to the age and personality of the child. Prioritizing, whenever possible, less flamboyant and delicate details.

The child’s age influences the decision

As we said earlier, the dress chosen must conform to the child’s age. Whether it is younger or grown-up, it requires a suitability for the environment, party time, guests and birthday theme.

For younger babies, lighter-colored dresses with bows and frills are ideal. Nothing too bright and very large prints. Bet on tulle!

For the older ones, dresses more smooth, with ruffles, of cotton, they look good. Dresses with jeans are also super nice. But remember that comfort comes first when talking about kid holiday dresses.

Children like to be free to play as much as they want, without feeling uncomfortable with what they are wearing, as well as feeling beautiful. So think about all this before you buy a dress.

Other details that are equally important in the look

Well, we talk about girl baby dresses for first birthday and we alert you to the correct choice of dress. But we can not forget the other equally indispensable items when it comes to tidying up your princess for the unforgettable birthday party.

To begin with, the hair. Whether they are long or short, straight or curly, they need to stay away from the girl’s face. So much so that she can show her face and be comfortable talking and playing. So she does not run the risk of tying the wires in the toys or sweating too hard, so that the wires are stuck to her face.

Second point are the jewelry. Do not put a lot of accessories, which can give allergy, stick a lot on the skin or pull wires from the dress. In addition, she will want to go to the toys and they can get in the way. Have good sense and choose small key accessories, just to give an extra charm, added to the dress.

First birthday dresses for babies

Dresses for first birthday – Peppa Pig

Finally, see if the shoes are not too tight or too wide, if they give you the freedom to run, jump and climb the toys. Opt for closed shoes, which do not expose the feet, but have good ventilation and softness. These do not let go of the foot, decreasing the chances of losing the footwear during the party.

Now you know all the care you need when choosing one of the hundreds of children’s dresses available on the internet. We also recalled the importance of not exaggerating the accessories, choosing a comfortable shoe and jewelry that does not weigh in the visual.

With these tips, we are sure to make the best choice for your little one, and make her very happy with a great party.