The Pros and… Pros… of Mesh Panties!

by Mayu, Mama Goddess USA

Okay, okay, a whole blog post about mesh panties, I know.  But if we were to choose a single item out of our entire store inventory to give a VIP award to –  it would be none other than these wonderfully stretchy, seamless, comfy pairs of disposable wonder.

For those of you who don’t know what disposable mesh panties are, they are exactly what they say they are.  They are mesh, and they are panties.  Disposable, yes, but also reusable (until they rip or lose their elasticity.  Just wash with mild soap and air dry).  They are mainly used for postpartum mamas and post-op patients.  The customers who buy them from our store include both, and often times they are in both categories, having had a cesarean birth, which is a birth and a surgery at the same time.

They hold maternity pads in and create no pressure anywhere so really, these are the only comfortable things you can wear after giving birth, vaginally or not.

And then there’s me.  Never had a child nor a surgery.  This has been a long time secret, and I wasn’t sure if I should publicly announce on our blog that I LOVE to wear mesh panties during my moon time – but once I tried them on (just curious how they felt – testing our products ya know), I couldn’t go back to my pre-MP life.  Now, I don’t rock them during the day (…yet) but they are so comfortable to sleep in, also during pre-moon time (I love using this phrase now instead of PMS – thanks to the authors of Moon Mysteries), when I’m feeling bloated and just want to be comfortable.  For those of you who may take offense to the fact that I’m enjoying these things when you may be in a situation where you have no other choice… I do apologize.  When I do use them for their real purpose, I’m sure my love for them will grow even deeper.

To honor these star athletes of the Mama Goddess team, we’ve created a new kit: The Perineal Healing Kit.  This kit has all the items for recovering perineum care, and includes mesh panties, peri bottles, a sitz bath, maternity pads and our Perineal Healing Wash.  As with any of our kits, you get a slight discount by purchasing the items together instead of individually.

To find the Perineal Healing Kit in Canada, click here.  The US/all other countries, click here.

Thanks for reading 😉