International Women’s Day

I Honor You: Celebrating International Women’s Day.

Today, the world is celebrating women, as International Women’s Day enters its second centennial cycle.

At Mama Goddess, we celebrate women every single day.  It is not a difficult task, as we connect with our birthing mamas, doulas, and midwives, make our tea and products with prayers for safe and peaceful births, ship out birth kits that are essential to the welcoming of a new life… Everyday is a celebration of women, of mothers, of the Goddesses within.

However, on a day like today, when women everywhere are gathering, focused intention and energy is created, and that can be felt with increased intensity in the air, even if you are not directly involved in any particular event.  This is a wonderful opportunity to create a ritual honoring yourself as a woman, and honoring all of the women (as well as the men who love and support the women if you like), around you.

We have a mind-mapping exercise that we recommend for doing this. Please use the sample as a guide.

On a giant piece of paper, draw a big circle in the middle and write your name in the center of the circle.  Around this circle, write down all the things that make you a phenomenal woman (the orange bubbles).  These can be adjectives, all the amazing things you can do, your accomplishments, etc.

Next, draw a second layer of bubbles (connect them from your circle) to write down all the names of the women who inspire you in your life (the purple bubbles).  From family members to friends and inspiring figures, write all of them down in individual circles.

Then write down a description of each of them in the most positive light (the outer orange bubbles), and what makes them important to you.  If any description of them overlap with your own, you can connect their names to the first layer as well.  This makes you understand what aspects of yourself you share with these other women.

Decorate this and color code as you desire ~ it’s such a beautiful way to remind yourself of your own amazing characteristics, as well as those of other women, and the connection you have with them.

Knowing that you deserve the best in all aspects of life is the first step in changing your world.  Knowing that all the other women in the world do too is as important.  Change happens from within, so with each of us recognizing our virtues and letting go of what no longer serves us, we are paving the way to elevate the consciousness of all women and men around the world.

We are all here right now for a reason.  What is your reason?  What is worth preserving for the next generation?  Because honoring yourself is honoring all women, and honoring all women is honoring humankind (even though our patriarchal language has eliminated the feminine out of this word…!), and the survival of this planet.

We urge you to look within, because everything is already within you.  Look within, then connect to others.  If all of our inner wisdom can come out and shine onto the world – that’s when we’ll see real change.  Because women are physically, emotionally and spiritually capable of giving birth, we are some of the most powerful catalysts for change, especially positive change, for Mother Earth.  To honor ourselves, and to honor the femininity in all beings -male or female – is the act of honoring life itself.

So tell yourself and the women you love today these three simple words: “I honor you.”