Children’s Safety

What California Prop 37 means to families everywhere

Hi everyone! Mayu from Mama Goddess here. I’ve been (super) lagging on blog posts lately… but here’s a really important issue I’ve been wanting to talk about with our Mama Goddess community that I’m sure you already know about as election day in the US approaches.

A safe and healthy world

We all want to live healthy, fulfilling lives.  We all want that most for our children.  We want them to live in a safe world in which they can simply be happy and healthy.  We want to believe that we are birthing them into such a world.

These simple wishes are at stake today, as big business and agribusiness are trying to deceive and mislead the public into thinking that genetically modified crops don’t need to be labeled in our food.

What does this mean? What are the true consequences?

On November 6th, Californians will be voting in proposition 37 about the labeling of GMO foods.  And everyone in California, if they care about their health and freedom, must vote YES.

If we don’t pass this, and GMOs are no longer required to be labeled, that means we will lose our ability to know what we are eating. That means harmful GMO foods can find their way into even our organic foods, without us having any knowledge of it.

GMOs have been scientifically proven to cause cancer, infertility, a host of other diseases, and is horrible for the environment (pesticide use has increased significantly – 404 million pounds over the last 16 years).  They are killing off bees, and as we know, we absolutely depend on bees to pollinate and therefore make our food.

  • If you’re a voter in California, VOTE YES on Prop 37 on November 6th.
  • Urge your friends and family to do the same.
  • If you’re not in California or in the states, tell all of your friends and urge them to spread the word.
  • The only way we can win this battle is the power of grassroots efforts by people like you and us who want to keep the world safe for us and our children.

The argument we have been hearing is: But how can people be so stupid as to say NO to GMO labeling? Isn’t it obvious? Won’t Californians just vote yes?

We wish it were that simple.  However, the corporations who are against GMO labeling have put in over 40 million dollars into the campaign to not let this pass.  Sadly, only 48% of voters now are saying YES according to recent polls, as a result of their brainwashing.

Check out the chart above that shows familiar organic brands that are supporting Monsanto and its efforts to take away our health and freedom.  These brands are ones that we see in our health foods stores, and have most likely bought ourselves, but they have all been bought by large corporations that do not want people to know what they are putting in our food supply.

The supporters of prop 37 have raised 4 million dollars to protect our freedom. These groups include Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Bronner’s, the Organic Consumer’s Association, among many other independent organic producers.  Let’s be a supporter by purchasing items from these brands instead of the Monsanto-supporters, as well as donating to the cause!

This proposition in California is not just about Californians.  If the mandatory labeling of GMO foods doesn’t pass in California, that means it affects the rest of the US, as half of the US produce come from California.  If the US, being perhaps the most influential (whether positive or negative) country in the world, have no GMO labeling, that can mean that dangerous foods can infiltrate the world without anyone knowing.

This is really a historic, important time.  Let’s show the true power of people getting together to protect our rights and basic health.

We may not be able to raise $40 million like big business, but we can raise our voices, and hopefully, will be raising our glasses over safe, delicious food with our loved ones for years to come.

Action list:
1) If you’re a voter in California, VOTE YES on Prop 37 on November 6th.

2) Urge your friends and family to do the same. You can forward them this letter or write your own. Share on Facebook. Tweet about it. Use the social share buttons below.

3) If you’re not in California or in the states, tell all of your friends and urge them to spread the word. Again, forward this letter or write your own.

4) Donate if you can here.

5) Sign this petition.

6) Visualize a safe and healthy future for our dinner tables and children, as well as their children! Positive intention is far more powerful than the negative – let’s believe in our collective, uplifting power!

Sending you and your family love and warmest wishes for your health,

Mayu and everyone at Mama Goddess Birth Shop