Which birthday dress is better for my girl, handmade or factory made?

Children are undoubtedly the most amazing creatures on the surface of the earth. They are the little flowers that make our world beautiful. Their smiles and lovely things they do and say make us fall in love with them over and over again. Being a parent is a huge blessing. You can give anything to be the parent of a kid. Especially the little girls are the most beautiful gift natures blesses us with and caring for them looks like the best job in the whole world.

So is it your little girl’s birthday drawing near?

If it’s your little girl’s birthday and you are considering your options to purchase the most eye-catching and beautiful children’s dresses for birthday, then here we are to tell you that you can pick the dress from the two major categories. One is the handmade category and the second one is the factory made. Once you get to learn about each of the two types, it would become easier for you to decide what to buy for her birthday.

The handmade clothes or the factory made ones?

Gone are the days when the babies and the newborns would wear each and everything made by hands. The socks, shoes, blankets, shirts, sweater every single thing was made by hands and most of the time at home. But today, the handmade clothes are becoming rare as the fabrics, and the clothes of the kids are being made in the factories.

vestido infantil

Little girl dress

An argument often arises between the parents who give their kids the handmade clothes and the parents who prefer the factory clothing for their kids. It becomes hard to distinguish which is the better option as both the sides have convincing reasons for their usage of the type of cloth. And it is true, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and we cannot strictly draw a line between the two and declare which one is better than the other.

There are birthday dresses made by hands too?

Yes, it’s true, there are birthday dresses available that are made solely by hands and are loved by the girls and parents equally for their comfort and style.

In this article, we are going to present before you the benefits of using each of the two types. Depending on your taste of clothing for the kids and convenience you can decide which option is better for you and your kids. So let’s get started with it.

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Children’s clothing

Benefits of using handmade clothes for children

Let us first consider the handmade clothes and learn what makes them so special and why some people are such big fans of the handmade clothes.

  • A unique style every time

As the handmade clothes are made with the hands, not with some molds in which all clothes are treated, every single piece is a different story. Even with the hands of the same artisan, each piece is a unique one, and you can find a certain warmth in them, calling you towards them.

  • Reflection of a person’s aesthetic

Since every single piece is a different one, you will find that there is a reflection of a person’s aesthetic in the pieces he creates. Once your heart gets the warmth of the artisan’s aesthetic, you will become familiar with it and love it.

  • Quality and durability

Something you might have noticed about the handmade clothes is that they remain in shape for years after years. The button stays in place, the buttonholes stay intact, and quality remains the same. It’s only with the handmade clothes that they are passed from one generation to the other.

These and many other benefits of the handmade clothes convince the people to use them or get them designed by the artisans for their kids.

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Dresses for baby

Benefits of using factory made clothes for kids

We have seen the benefits of using the handmade clothes, now let us have a look at its counterpart, the factory made clothes for kids. There are several benefits linked to the use of factory made clothes as well, and a huge population is making use of them. Let us have a look at these benefits.

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Baby dresses for parties

  • Cost-effective

In today’s world, the factory made clothes are economical to buy compared to the handmade ones. Since the product is made in bulk, the clothes made in factories are cheaper in price, and a good number of people can afford them.

  • Variety and diversity

There are so many options for you available in the market for the factory made clothes that you can easily buy the one you like without having to worry about anything. There are sizes for every age kid available from where you can pick according to your heart desire. You can get the colors and so many prints that it becomes hard to decide on one.

  • Stylish clothing

We have to admit that the style the factory made clothes bring cannot be brought by the clothes made in hand. You find all types of stylish, modern and vintage clothes for the kids in this area. Also, the miniature versions of the stylish adult clothing also create a beautiful impact and the trendiness in these clothes is undeniable.

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Baby girl clothes


Now that you have seen the benefits of both the types of clothes, you might be convinced which one you want the most for your kid. Selecting a birthday dress for little girls is going to give you a lot of challenge, but once you have made your mind for whether you will buy the handmade clothes or the factory made ones, things will become easier for you.

The factory made and the handmade both the type of the clothes give you the liberty to get your kid’s clothes customized, so you can design one for your kid and get it in hands in just not time. All you have to do is to select the kind, color, and fabric of the dress and give it to some artisan and there it would be, the perfect birthday dress for your little girl.