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Welcome to Mama Goddess Birth Shop™
We are an eco-friendly online birthing store, offering high quality home and hospital birth supplies, water birth pools, organic baby products, organic herbal teas, breastfeeding supplies, midwifery supplies and much more!

Canadian Mamas: We have launched two separate stores for Canada and the US to better serve you!
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Journeying Through Pregnancy & Birth ~ Relaxation & Visualization CD Babycare Elle TENS Machine Drug-Free Pain Relief DigestZen ~Digestive blend of therapeutic grade essential oils
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $149.99
Our Price: $41.33
This soothing & lovingly created CD helps to decrease anxiety and increase relaxation during pregnancy and birth. This is an amazing drug-free tool you can use to ease pain during labor & beyond! This therapeutic grade essential oil blend provides instant relief for heartburn, nausea and upset tummies!
Mommy's Bliss Morning Sickness Comfort Mama Goddess Organic Red Raspberry Tea Moon Mysteries ~Reclaiming Women's Menstrual Wisdom~
Our Price: $14.99
Our Price: $9.97
Our Price: $29.95
A safe and effective all-natural herbal supplement used to ease the nausea associated with pregnancy. Raspberry tea has been traditionally used by women to aid in birthing. 100% organic! Breathtaking artwork, personal stories and ancient matriarchal teachings woven together into this stunning book every woman must read.
Thera Wise Bio Active Skin Healing / Post Cesarean Ointment Bring Birth Home Deluxe Basket Disposable Mesh Panties
Our Price: $19.00
Our Price: $120.00
Our Price: $5.00
This all-natural skin cream is a fantastic product for mothers who have already given birth, or have given birth by Cesarean. Each item has been selected to provide the most special support for birthing & postpartum mamas. Our mesh panties are perfect for holding in pads securely immediately after birth.