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Which birthday dress is better for my girl, handmade or factory made?

Children are undoubtedly the most amazing creatures on the surface of the earth. They are the little flowers that make our world beautiful. Their smiles and lovely things they do and say make us fall in love with them over and over again. Being a parent is a huge blessing. You can give anything to be the parent of a kid. Especially the little girls are the most beautiful gift natures blesses us with and caring for them looks like the best job in the whole world.

So is it your little girl’s birthday drawing near?

If it’s your little girl’s birthday and you are considering your options to purchase the most eye-catching and beautiful children’s dresses for birthday, then here we are to tell you that you can pick the dress from the two major categories. One is the handmade category and the second one is the factory made. Once you get to learn about each of the two types, it would become easier for you to decide what to buy for her birthday.

The handmade clothes or the factory made ones?

Gone are the days when the babies and the newborns would wear each and everything made by hands. The socks, shoes, blankets, shirts, sweater every single thing was made by hands and most of the time at home. But today, the handmade clothes are becoming rare as the fabrics, and the clothes of the kids are being made in the factories.

vestido infantil

Little girl dress

An argument often arises between the parents who give their kids the handmade clothes and the parents who prefer the factory clothing for their kids. It becomes hard to distinguish which is the better option as both the sides have convincing reasons for their usage of the type of cloth. And it is true, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and we cannot strictly draw a line between the two and declare which one is better than the other.

There are birthday dresses made by hands too?

Yes, it’s true, there are birthday dresses available that are made solely by hands and are loved by the girls and parents equally for their comfort and style.

In this article, we are going to present before you the benefits of using each of the two types. Depending on your taste of clothing for the kids and convenience you can decide which option is better for you and your kids. So let’s get started with it.

baby girl clothing

Children’s clothing

Benefits of using handmade clothes for children

Let us first consider the handmade clothes and learn what makes them so special and why some people are such big fans of the handmade clothes.

  • A unique style every time

As the handmade clothes are made with the hands, not with some molds in which all clothes are treated, every single piece is a different story. Even with the hands of the same artisan, each piece is a unique one, and you can find a certain warmth in them, calling you towards them.

  • Reflection of a person’s aesthetic

Since every single piece is a different one, you will find that there is a reflection of a person’s aesthetic in the pieces he creates. Once your heart gets the warmth of the artisan’s aesthetic, you will become familiar with it and love it.

  • Quality and durability

Something you might have noticed about the handmade clothes is that they remain in shape for years after years. The button stays in place, the buttonholes stay intact, and quality remains the same. It’s only with the handmade clothes that they are passed from one generation to the other.

These and many other benefits of the handmade clothes convince the people to use them or get them designed by the artisans for their kids.

vestido infantil branco

Dresses for baby

Benefits of using factory made clothes for kids

We have seen the benefits of using the handmade clothes, now let us have a look at its counterpart, the factory made clothes for kids. There are several benefits linked to the use of factory made clothes as well, and a huge population is making use of them. Let us have a look at these benefits.

modelo de vestido infantil

Baby dresses for parties

  • Cost-effective

In today’s world, the factory made clothes are economical to buy compared to the handmade ones. Since the product is made in bulk, the clothes made in factories are cheaper in price, and a good number of people can afford them.

  • Variety and diversity

There are so many options for you available in the market for the factory made clothes that you can easily buy the one you like without having to worry about anything. There are sizes for every age kid available from where you can pick according to your heart desire. You can get the colors and so many prints that it becomes hard to decide on one.

  • Stylish clothing

We have to admit that the style the factory made clothes bring cannot be brought by the clothes made in hand. You find all types of stylish, modern and vintage clothes for the kids in this area. Also, the miniature versions of the stylish adult clothing also create a beautiful impact and the trendiness in these clothes is undeniable.

dresses for first birthday

Baby girl clothes


Now that you have seen the benefits of both the types of clothes, you might be convinced which one you want the most for your kid. Selecting a birthday dress for little girls is going to give you a lot of challenge, but once you have made your mind for whether you will buy the handmade clothes or the factory made ones, things will become easier for you.

The factory made and the handmade both the type of the clothes give you the liberty to get your kid’s clothes customized, so you can design one for your kid and get it in hands in just not time. All you have to do is to select the kind, color, and fabric of the dress and give it to some artisan and there it would be, the perfect birthday dress for your little girl.

Children’s dresses for birthday parties

Every girl dreams about her birthday party, with the decoration of her favorite character, and especially of looking like a princess, as well as in fairy tales and HQ’s. So if you are a mom or dad, you need to know that the time to see the options of children’s dresses is the most important because it is the main detail during the celebration.

And when we talk about girl‘s dresses for birthday, all the details matters. After all, it will become part of your daughter’s memory and you don’t want anything to go wrong, right? It isn’t enough that it is beautiful, has the decoration color or your daughter’s favorite character. It also needs to be comfortable, be ok with her age and much more.

We know that girls are already beautiful, full of charm and delicacy. However, a beautiful and comfortable dress will help her look even more confident for the most important day of her life: her birthday. And if this is important for her, it is important for you.

Peppa Pig Dress Ana Giovanna - Brazil

Peppa Pig Dress

That’s when she’ll meet friends and family, and celebrate another year of life. All this having fun, eating her favorite food and, mainly, playing a lot!

It is for these and other reasons that we bring several tips today to evaluate before choosing the ideal dress. From the theme to be picked up to tips for the comfort of your princess on the perfect day. So let’s get started:

Which theme to choose?

The party is for one of the most important people in your life, so it has to be amazing. Then choose, with your daughter, the characters she most identifies and likes. Let her participate in the process of planning the look. She’ll love it!

Nowadays, there are several princesses and other super famous characters that are true inspirations for girls, such as:

  • Minnie
  • Snow White
  • Barbie
  • Bela (from The Beauty and the Beast)
  • Elza or Ana (from Frozen)
  • Cinderella
  • Merida

With 3 major options at hand, see which ones are better. However, there are several styles of babies dresses for parties, with different characteristics, colors and quality. Then you need to go to the second step of defining the dress before starting the purchase.

How the quality of the material can help (or ruin) the party

Some parents think only of saving as much as possible at the party, forgetting that the quality of the materials used can simply ruin a celebration in the blink of an eye.

We can say it with certainty, because imagine if the dress rips in the middle of the party? What can be done? The birthday girl will be embarrassed, and probably no one will be prepared to fix it.

In addition, there is a concern: imagine if food or drink falls on top of it? Not to mention that parents can’t leave the birthday girl free with her guests to play, just thinking about it.

Another reason that needs to be remembered is the level of comfort of the birthday girl. You must constantly keep an eye on the ‘’atmosphere’’ of the party and, if necessary, buy two options of dress, in case it needs to be changed due to extreme heat or cold.

Being a long-sleeved or short dress, style matters a lot. Take care that the model does not sexualize or vulgarise your daughter, opt for dresses that are according to the age and personality of the child. Prioritizing, whenever possible, less flamboyant and delicate details.

The child’s age influences the decision

As we said earlier, the dress chosen must conform to the child’s age. Whether it is younger or grown-up, it requires a suitability for the environment, party time, guests and birthday theme.

For younger babies, lighter-colored dresses with bows and frills are ideal. Nothing too bright and very large prints. Bet on tulle!

For the older ones, dresses more smooth, with ruffles, of cotton, they look good. Dresses with jeans are also super nice. But remember that comfort comes first when talking about kid holiday dresses.

Children like to be free to play as much as they want, without feeling uncomfortable with what they are wearing, as well as feeling beautiful. So think about all this before you buy a dress.

Other details that are equally important in the look

Well, we talk about girl baby dresses for first birthday and we alert you to the correct choice of dress. But we can not forget the other equally indispensable items when it comes to tidying up your princess for the unforgettable birthday party.

To begin with, the hair. Whether they are long or short, straight or curly, they need to stay away from the girl’s face. So much so that she can show her face and be comfortable talking and playing. So she does not run the risk of tying the wires in the toys or sweating too hard, so that the wires are stuck to her face.

Second point are the jewelry. Do not put a lot of accessories, which can give allergy, stick a lot on the skin or pull wires from the dress. In addition, she will want to go to the toys and they can get in the way. Have good sense and choose small key accessories, just to give an extra charm, added to the dress.

First birthday dresses for babies

Dresses for first birthday – Peppa Pig

Finally, see if the shoes are not too tight or too wide, if they give you the freedom to run, jump and climb the toys. Opt for closed shoes, which do not expose the feet, but have good ventilation and softness. These do not let go of the foot, decreasing the chances of losing the footwear during the party.

Now you know all the care you need when choosing one of the hundreds of children’s dresses available on the internet. We also recalled the importance of not exaggerating the accessories, choosing a comfortable shoe and jewelry that does not weigh in the visual.

With these tips, we are sure to make the best choice for your little one, and make her very happy with a great party.

Tips on Where and How to Buy Baby Girl’s Dresses

A lot of things need to be considered when buying baby girl’s dresses, and few of these things will be discussed in this write-up. The purpose is to prevent avoidable mistakes when buying dresses for your cute, lovely bundle of joy. Continue reading to find out about these essential tips.

Peppa's Dresses

Peppa’s Dresses

Safety first

Before you place your money on the cute dresses girls, read reviews about that dress and be certain of its safety. Many dresses got recalled in recent years because they failed to meet standard safety expectations. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a list of recalled dresses on its portal. You can visit the portal for a list of those dresses that have been recalled. This way, you will not end up buying dresses that can culminate to health hazards for your kids.

Furthermore, avoid dresses that have hooks, appliques, buttons or bows when buying dresses for your toddlers; this will prevent a possible choking hazard. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) equally advices that parents should only buy dresses made from flame-resistant fabrics for their kids.

Dresses for Girls

Dresses for Girls

The right store to patronize

Well-established outlets should have toddler flower girl dresses of various designs and colors on display. Patronising such outlets will give you the opportunity to choose among many types of flower girl dresses. Long-standing outlets almost always sell top quality dresses. They can be trusted since they would have built a good reputation over the years, a reputation they will not want to damage.

Kid's Dresses

Kid’s Dresses


Baby Dresses for Party

Baby Dresses for Party

Consider cost

Does the store offer price cut, discount sale or coupon code? You should patronize these outlets for cheaper flower girl dresses for weddings. Does the outlet offer free home delivery? Patronising such an outlet will further reduce the overhead cost of the dress. Chance of getting free home delivery gets better if you buy the dress from a store in your locality. Be that as it may, restrict your patronage to local stores that sell quality dresses only.

How Good Are You in Choosing The Best Party Dress for Your Sweetheart? 

Baby Dresses for Birthday

Girl’s Dresses for Birthday

You know that your kids deserve to own the latest kids dress party. They might need to attend birthday parties, or they are invited to any birthday parties. Fortunately, parents have lots of choices, when it comes to party dresses for kids. It is as simple as browsing through the search engine when parents can opt for the best dresses that meets their kids’ personalities.

Smaller kids may not be able to choose the most suitable dresses to attend any parties. Parents can just narrow down their search by finding dresses, based on categories. Many e-commerce websites–in which most of them are popular designers–classify several categories, based on age, gender, brand, or events.

Mom and Baby dresses for party

Mom and Baby dresses for party

Best Styles for Young Girls

Kids birthday party dresses are varied in colors. Gone are the days when pink was the only ‘well-suited’ color for girls. These days, little girls prefer to choose their own favorite colors like dark blue, grey, leafy green, and so forth, though pink still dominates the world of fashion for smaller kids. Some girls–who are older than 9 years old–are already well informed about the latest dress designs. Choices for them include shoulder dress or sequin dress in floral pattern. Other popular designs include stripped or embelished dresses.

For this, you have to enhance your skills in the kid wear or visit the Ana Giovanna online store – from Brazil – a beautiful example and representative of international children’s fashion in the 100% manual manufacturing of social clothing, or as they say in Brazil: “Vestidos de Festa Infantil ‘Children’s Party Dresses’ “, and here you can practice Portuguese and communicate better with Brazilian stores.

Children's Dresses

Children’s Dresses

Are Cheap Party Dresses Kids Trustworthy?

Well, quality comes up with the price. But, cheap party dresses with excellent quality are also easy to find, thanks to the discounted prices that many e-commerce websites offer. Kids need more than just stylish dress. Above all else, they need comfortable feelings, regardless of their active lifestyle. Cotton is the most convenient fabric, particularly for babies and toddlers. It may take time to find highly discounted party dresses with the best quality. But, it is worth any mom’s time to save much of their budget, while providing the most comfortable, yet trendy party dresses for their kids.

Girl's Dresses for Party and Special Occasions

Girl’s Dresses for Party and Special Occasions

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Fear of Childbirth Pain: Advice from Real Moms

What do you tell a friend when she is so afraid of pain during childbirth that there is no doubt in her mind she will get an epidural? …Or what if this person is you?

We asked our facebook Mama Goddesses what they would say to a woman who has fear for pain in childbirth.  Please feel free to forward this to a friend who needs it – these are powerful, empowering statements from real moms who have had natural births, coming straight from their hearts and experience.

“The pain will never be more than her because it is her.  Ina May says that, if she feels herself tightening up, blow horse lips, it will automatically make her loosen up, don’t think of it as pain but thing of it as energy or waves or something that isn’t a negative.  Outside of transition, the rest is easy and can be helped with counter pressure, water, changing positions. Hire a doula!” – Sarah J.

Get in water, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. I felt the best with someone pressing hard on my tailbone, it relieved so much of the pressure. It will hurt but it will be over, and you will forget very quickly!” – Michelle B.

“Yes, it may be painful, but it is CONSTRUCTIVE pain.” – Kaitlin R. P.

“That’s a challenge! With so much fear, that will be a definite hindrance to an easy labor. I would concentrate on emphasizing that the pain comes and goes, so you get breaks, and that there are things to do beside drugs (all the stuff mentioned above) to help alleviate it. Also, I’d try to help my friend learn ways to cope with the fear. That will make it so much easier to cope with the pain.” – Kerry P. H.

The pain isnt like typical pain… it can be empowering. Take control of it & keep thinking about what it is your body is doing. the more you keep yourself in control, the better you can focus on what you have to do. With an epidural, the intensity isn’t there & sometimes, you need that to get the baby out safely. When I had my daughter, the cord was around her neck.. I needed to get her out. With the next contraction, i pushed with everything I had & she was born. I don’t know if i could have done it if i didn’t have the intensity of the contraction to actually help me get “in the zone” :)” – Carolyn M.


“I would encourage her to talk with LOTS of us who have birthed naturally…and with some who have had epidurals. The former group can help create a healthier vision of what labor is like…the latter (such as my daughter who had an epidural for a surgery) can talk about the down side of epidurals. My daughter swore she would NEVER have another epidural and she birthed 2 babies at home without interventions. She is my hero– Sarah Reddin, a BBH member. Her labors were long and intense, but she never ever wanted the side effects of an epidural.” – Kate N.

“…free yourself of the notion of pain..use different language cos it’s self perpetuating otherwise. And it’s really important to look at the whole birthing experience as this most incredible journey and at the end of it you get to meet one of the most important, inspiring and amazing people of your whole life..the love is incredible.. that’s what she will hopefully focus on…” – Maeve M.

“I think in our culture we have been engrained to fear birth pain. Husband coached childbirth changed my idea of this. Yes, it’s intense and it can be painful, but there is a reward for all of it. It’s best to re-think the pain in childbirth as work “labor”. True hard work always pays off in the end and in this case, you get the best gift of all. The pain is momentary. When it gets as bad as you think, it’s already going away. We are just brainwashed by media and people who don’t know real normal birth to be afraid. Fear creates revenue!” – Kristina S.

“I would tell her that it isn’t the kind of pain you know. Not like a sprain or broken bone. It’s more like the pain of hard work, like running a marathon. It’s doable. I had back labour with the first one, and it was 24hrs long. the contractions are like tightening muscles, your body bringing out baby. It’s like the biggest and hardest workout! You know like Jillian MIchaels workouts! Educate yourself, find positions that help labour, like the ball or squatting. Having a Doula or Midwife will help! The worst thing you can do is tense up, you gotta let it all hang out!! 🙂 When you tense up you are fighting the contrations, and that hurts!!! You gotta relax let your body do it’s thing, then it’s not painful, just a marathon:) BREATHE!” – Lauralee D.

The power and intensity of your contractions cannot be stronger than you, because it IS YOU. ~ Unknown” – Beth P.

“I found the hypnobabies material very good to reduce fear, encourage deep relaxation, and remove sensations heightened by fear.” – Wild Plum Wellness

“There is more time spent in labour between contractions than in them.” – Ainsley T.

“The labor pains rushes bring one step closer to your beautiful baby. Labor prepares you for obstacles of parenthood a reflection of the new life to come. The contractions are do able give in surrender yourself to them don’t resist. The pain is what you make it. The pain can be orgasmic.” – Barbara-ann H.

A giant heartfelt thanks to the mamas above who shared with us their wisdom.  And remember, this wisdom is inherent in all of us.  Birth is a powerful re-birthing process for us, and it will bring out all the baggage we’ve carried throughout our lives.  Pregnancy and birth are times to release all of that and honor our abilities to be free of societal conditioning, past trauma and hurt.  We do this so that we can offer the best to our beautiful children who are doing the most challenging and amazing work of all: leaving our wombs to come out into this physical existence!

Fear can be a catalyst to re-birth.  Releasing that is a powerful process, and if we can do that – no matter how the birth turns out, it will be an empowering opportunity to bring two brand new lives into the world: your baby’s, and yours.

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(Please feel free to add more resources!)

How To Iron A Dress Shirt Properly

Regardless of how great your dress shirt is, if it is full of wrinkles, no one will appreciate it. A well-ironed dress shirt will go a long way. It will give you a sleek look and make your dress shirt more gorgeous. How to go about it:

  1. Get The Right Tools

You will need a functional iron box and an ironing board. Ensure that your iron box works excellently and that it does not produce excessive heat or too little of it. An ironing board will support your shirt as you iron. Check the kind of material to adjust your temperature accordingly.

  1. Start With The Collar

Lay the collar of the dress shirt on the board and start ironing the inner part. Moisten the collar using some water right before you start. Press the iron to the collar and move it from one end to the other. Flip it over and do the same.

  1. Iron The Back Of The Shirt

Position the shirt over the ironing board strategically so that the sides of the dress shirt are directly positioned along the board’s edge. Ensure the shirt is flat before you start ironing so that you do not create iron wrinkles. Press the iron box over the back and move it up and down until you get the excellent finish.

  1. Iron The Front Of The Shirt

Lay one side of the front part to the board most preferably the side with buttons. Use the tip of the iron box to iron around the buttons. After this, iron along the length towards the shoulders. Keep moving up and down to your satisfaction. Do the same to the other side.

  1. Iron The Cuffs

Unbutton the cuff and lay it on the ironing board. Iron it from inside out. Before you start ironing ensure that they are positioned flat to the surface so that you do not get iron wrinkles on it. It is the part that will be visible after you wear a coat or jacket. Move the iron box from one end to the other and repeat for the other cuff.

  1. Iron The Sleeves

Lay one sleeve along the length of the board. Flatten it against the board using your hands along the seam. When it is flat, press your iron against it and start ironing. If there is a crease mark on the outer side of the arm length, as you iron, ensure that you iron the sleeve along the crease. This will ensure that you have only one crease line as it should be. If you do not want a crease line, roll up a towel and insert it into the sleeve then iron it.

As you iron, remember, the most visible parts are the cuffs, the collar, and the front part. Therefore, ensure that these parts are excellently iron. When you are done, check the shirt for any area that may need a little heat for the second time. If it is perfect, hang the shirt in your closet and move to the next.

A Home Birth Story: The Birth of Alaina Diana Remer

January 19, 2011
11:15 a.m.
7lbs, 8oz; 20 inches

By Molly Remer

©Portraits & Paws Photography

It was a full moon, and I spent a restless, up and down night, getting up at 3:00 a.m. and even checking in with the college class I teach online. My husband Mark got up with me and we talked and speculated. Waves were four minutes apart and then kind of dissipated unenthusiastically away. He went back to bed at 4:00 and I listened to Hypnobabies. At 6:00, I was feeling trapped lying down and got up. Mark got up then too and worked in the kitchen on the dishes and things like that, while I walked around and leaned on the half wall during contractions (it was the perfect height). Sitting down in a chair caused horribleness, leaning forward on the half wall was good. I called my mom and told her to be on standby and to notify my blessingway mamas and also called Summer (doula/friend) to be on alert. I was having back involvement with each wave. I felt like I would have a real contraction and then a closely following, but milder, back-only contraction (no tightness in uterus really during these, but definitely a wave-like progression and then ease of sensation).

I was very quiet during most waves until the end of labor. I think because I was using Hypnobabies and was concentrating on that. Then, I would talk and analyze and be very normal in between. This pattern seemed to lead to a decreased perception of seriousness from others of my need for attention—Mark washed dishes, went outside to take care of chickens, work on fire, feed cats and so forth. My two boys woke up at 7:00 a.m. and as soon as they came out and started talking to me, I knew they needed to go elsewhere. We called my mom at 7:30 and she came to get them. I did not want to feel watched or observed at all, so asked her to wait to come back.

I kept waiting for the “action” to increase and feeling distressed that it was taking such a “long” time. I suggested to the baby that she come out by 10:00. I continued to stand in the kitchen and lean on the half wall, sometimes the table or the bathroom counter. I was dismayed to see no blood or mucous, nothing indicating any “progress.” Significant feelings of pressure and pain in lower back continued and at the time felt normal to me, but looking back seems like an extra dose of back involvement. In another intensity-increasing experience, the baby moved during contractions for the entire labor until the contraction before I pushed her out. She moved, wiggled and pushed out with her bottom and body during each contraction, which really added a new layer of intensity that was difficult. I was, however, glad she was moving because then I knew she was okay, without doing any heart checks.

I went into the living room, very tired from bad sleep during the night. We set up the birth ball in the living room so I could sit on it and drape over pillows piled onto the couch. I spent a long time like this. Mark sat close and would lightly and perfectly stroke my back. Continued to use Hypnobabies—finger-drop, peace and release, with most waves.

Mark fixed me chlorophyll to drink and I threw it up immediately. Called Mom to come back at 9:00 or so, at which point I finally had a little bloody show. Kept up my ball by the couch routine and moved into humming with each wave. I also worked with some contractions on the floor leaning over the ball.

On the ball, I began to feel some rectal pressure with each wave. However, I felt like the waves were erratic still, with some very long and intense and then smaller ones. Hums began to become oooohs and aaaaahs and I began to feel like there was a bit of an umph at the end of the oooooh. Went back to the bathroom and there was quite a bit more bloody mucous and I started to fret about placental abruptions and so forth. Left the bathroom analyzing how much blood is too much blood and began to critique myself for being too “in my head” and analytical and not letting my “monkey do it.” Said I still didn’t feel like I was in “birth brain” and wondered if that meant I still had a long time to go. I started to feel concerned that I was still early on. This is a common feature of all of my births and is how the self-doubt signpost manifests for me. Rather than thinking I can’t do it, I start thinking I’m two centimeters dilated.

I almost immediately returned to the bathroom feeling like I needed to use the toilet. Serious contractions on toilet produced more pressure with associated umphs at the end. At some point in the bathroom, I said, “I think this is pushing.” I was feeling desperate for my water to break. It felt like it was in the way and holding things up. I reached my hand down and thought I felt squooshy sac-ish feeling, but Mom and Mark looked and could not see anything. And, it still didn’t break. Mom mentioned that I should probably go to my birth nest in order to avoid having the baby on the toilet. My birth nest was a futon stack near the bathroom door. I got down on hands and knees after feeling like I might not make it all the way to the futons. I felt like I wanted to kneel on hard floor before reaching the nest.

At this point, I suddenly became obsessed with checking her heartbeat. I knew you’re supposed to do so during pushing and I had stopped feeling her moving painfully with each contraction. I couldn’t find her heartbeat and started to feel a little panicky about that as well as really uncomfortable and then threw the Doppler to the side saying, “forget it!” because big pushing was coming. I was down on hands and knees and then moved partially up on one hand in order to put my other hand down to feel what was happening. Could feel squishiness and water finally broke (not much, just a small trickle before her head). I could feel her head with my fingers and began to feel familiar sensation of front-burning. I said, “stretchy, stretchy, stretchy, stretchy,” the phone rang, her head pushed and pushed itself down as I continued to support myself with my hand and I moved up onto my knees, with them spread apart so I was almost sitting on my heels and her whole body and a whole bunch of fluid bloodshed out into my hands. She was pink and warm and slippery and crying instantly—quite a lot of crying, actually. I said, “you’re alive, you’re alive! I did it! There’s nothing wrong with me!” and I kissed her and cried and laughed and was amazed. I felt an intense feeling of relief. Of survival. I didn’t realize until some moments later that both Mark and Mom missed the actual moment of her birth. Mark because he was coming around from behind me to the front of me when I moved up to kneeling. My mom because she went to stop the phone from ringing. I had felt like the pushing went on for a “long” time, but Mark said that from hands and knees to kneeling with baby in my hands was about 12 seconds. I don’t know. With birth, the inner experience is different than outer observation. What I do know is that the moment of catching my own daughter in my hands and bringing her warm, fresh body up into my arms was the most powerful and potent moment of my life.

©Sincerely Yours Photography

I feel the moment of her birth was an authentic “fetal ejection reflex” including the forward movement of my hips. The immediate postpartum went exactly as I had planned. Summer arrived approximately 20 minutes after Alaina was born. She brought me snacks, wiped blood off of me, and served me a tiny bit of placenta (which I swallowed with no problem!). My midwife arrived approximately 40 minutes post-birth and assessed blood loss and helped with placenta. She said I lost about 3 cups of blood, but I think all of the fluid that came out with the baby, plus the blood from the tears, may have bumped the estimate up too high. I did not feel weak or tired like I’d lost too much blood, I felt energetic and really good, actually. I didn’t get faint in the bathroom either and my color stayed good throughout that day and into the next days postpartum.

My post-birth feelings were different this time. I feel more baby-centered in my feelings about it rather than self-empowerment centered. I also feel more critical in my own self assessment this time—like I didn’t “perform” well or handle myself well. I hypothesize that this may be related to using a hypnosis for birth program, because I didn’t feel “calm and comfortable” on the inside. On the outside I think I looked it, but my internal experience involved more “should” than I like. The hypnosis philosophy wasn’t really a match with my own lived experience of birth. Birth isn’t calm, quiet, and comfortable and I don’t actually think it should be or that I want it to be. However, I was trying to make it so and thus not using some of my own internal resources. I felt more mind/body disconnect than I have before also, perhaps because I was trying to use a mind (“control”) based method on such an embodied process.

When she was three days old, I wrote this in my journal:
She is so wonderful and amazing and beautiful and perfect and I just want to etch these days into my mind forever and never forget a single, precious, beautiful, irreplaceable moment. I want to write everything down to try to preserve each second of these first few days with baby Alaina—my treasure, my BABY! The one I hoped for and feared for and worked SO HARD to bring to this world (in pregnancy more so than in birth).
What do I want to remember?

  • The scrunchy feel of a newborn’s body.
  • The little mewing squeaks and sighs
  • How she is comforted by my voice and turns to me with a smacky, nursie face…
  • The soft, soft skin
  • The soft, soft hair
  • The fuzzy ears and arms
  • The little legs that pull up into reflexive, fetal position.
  • The utter, utter, MARVEL that I grew her and that she’s here. That she came from me. That sense of magic and wonder and disbelief when I look over and see her lying next to me—how did YOU get here?!
  • The miraculous transition from belly to baby. From pregnant woman to motherbaby unit. How does it happen? It is indescribably awesome.
  • The sleeping profile
  • The scrunchy face
  • The “wheeling” half coordinated movements of arms and legs—sort of “swimming” in air.
  • The peace of snuggling her against my chest and neck.
  • The tiny, skinny feet.
  • Putting my hand on her back and feeling her breathe, just like in utero

I was still scared she was going to die until the moment I held her.
Molly Remer, MSW, ICCE is a certified birth educator, writer, and activist. She is a professor of human services, an LLL Leader, and editor of the Friends of Missouri Midwives newsletter. She has two living sons and an infant daughter and blogs about birth at

Supporting Midwives & Homebirths

One of the main missions of Mama Goddess Birth Shop is to support professionals who are dedicating their lives to helping women get ready for and give birth, as well as support them postpartum.

Being a store that sells birth supplies, the best way we can do so is by providing them with the essential items needed during birth.  We set up a whole product page for a midwife/midwifery clinic, so that all a client has to do is visit that page and buy the kit.  As a token of our appreciation to both the clients and the midwives, we have recently set a 5% discount on the kit plus a 5% thank-you commission for the midwives.  The customers save, and the midwives get something out of using our services, too 🙂

Providing custom birth kits is such a wonderful way for us to stay in touch with the beautiful advocates for natural birth, the mothers of all mothers, who are our midwives, doulas and childbirth/postpartum professionals.

Until my sister was pregnant and preparing to give birth at home, I had no idea that home births required so many little items!

My first exposure to home birth was watching the beautiful DVD, Birth Day, in my Child Psychology class during my university training as a music therapist (yes, I had a professor so awesome that he showed us that DVD in class on the topic of child birth. More on this another time!).  But that DVD doesn’t show all the little items that is necessary during birth – especially because being a midwife herself, her birth is not assisted by people other than her family, and she gets to give birth in her own deep tub at her beautiful country home in Mexico.

Anyway, when my sister’s midwives gave her the list of items she needed to purchase, I remember it being quite overwhelming and also exciting, like a first-time camper with her shopping list of camping items.

For those of you who haven’t had the experience yet to know what is in a home birth kit, here’s just an example of what might be included:

  • 24 blue under pads
  • 12 maternity pads
  • 3 mesh panties
  • 2 waterproof sheets
  • 6 4×4 Gauze
  • 1 peri bottle
  • 4 paper covered straws
  • 4 Emergen-C
  • 2 1-lb packages of epsom salts
  • 1 bottle hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 bottle witch hazel
  • 3 alcohol swabs
  • 1 paper tape measure
  • 1 large ziploc bag
  • 2 large garbage bags
  • 1 newborn baby hat
  • 1 umbilical cord clamp
  • 1 bulb syringe

On top of this, if you’re having a water birth, then you would want to prepare the hose, a floating thermometer, debris net, tarps, etc. and of course, the pool itself, whether you’re renting or buying, or your midwives are bringing them.  (For more information on water birth supplies, check out our article here.)  Contact us if you want to know what specific items are used for, or if you have general questions about birthing.

Each midwife has her own specific needs and styles, so that’s why a custom birth kit is an essential part of a midwifery practice.  If you are with a midwife, it would be wonderful if you could let them know that we are here and willing to support them as fellow advocates of homebirth.

We are happy to announce that the newest addition to our Custom Birth Kits is the Freedom and the Seed Birth Kit!  Freedom and the Seed is a midwifery clinic in Tempe, Arizona.  To find out more about their wonderful practice, please click here.  We look forward to serving them and their clients, as well as all of our midwives.

We believe midwifery is one of the most important jobs in the world – and would like to take this opportunity to send our deepest gratitude and love to all midwives out there, many of whom are probably assisting a woman in labor as we speak.

At Mama Goddess Birth Shop, we create custom birth kits for qualifying birth care providers, including midwives, doulas, naturopathic doctors, childbirth educators, lactation consultants, physicians, nurses, clinics, wellness centers, and more.  We value the availability of access to all birthing choices for all women, by providing a one-stop place with high professional quality birthing and postpartum items for families and birth professionals. The custom kits provide a 5% discount off the retail pricing, for your clients’ convenience. For every birth kit purchased, you will be receiving a 5% commission.  We will also promote your services on our website, free of charge.  We strive to create a positive environment for the valuable work that childbirth professionals do, and we hope to be a nurturing place for everyone involved.  For care providers interested in creating a custom birth kit with us, please e-mail us or call us at 1-888-588-7417 x 2 with your name or business name, and we will send you a detailed order form.  Please let us know if we can answer any questions.  Thank you!

The Pros and… Pros… of Mesh Panties!

by Mayu, Mama Goddess USA

Okay, okay, a whole blog post about mesh panties, I know.  But if we were to choose a single item out of our entire store inventory to give a VIP award to –  it would be none other than these wonderfully stretchy, seamless, comfy pairs of disposable wonder.

For those of you who don’t know what disposable mesh panties are, they are exactly what they say they are.  They are mesh, and they are panties.  Disposable, yes, but also reusable (until they rip or lose their elasticity.  Just wash with mild soap and air dry).  They are mainly used for postpartum mamas and post-op patients.  The customers who buy them from our store include both, and often times they are in both categories, having had a cesarean birth, which is a birth and a surgery at the same time.

They hold maternity pads in and create no pressure anywhere so really, these are the only comfortable things you can wear after giving birth, vaginally or not.

And then there’s me.  Never had a child nor a surgery.  This has been a long time secret, and I wasn’t sure if I should publicly announce on our blog that I LOVE to wear mesh panties during my moon time – but once I tried them on (just curious how they felt – testing our products ya know), I couldn’t go back to my pre-MP life.  Now, I don’t rock them during the day (…yet) but they are so comfortable to sleep in, also during pre-moon time (I love using this phrase now instead of PMS – thanks to the authors of Moon Mysteries), when I’m feeling bloated and just want to be comfortable.  For those of you who may take offense to the fact that I’m enjoying these things when you may be in a situation where you have no other choice… I do apologize.  When I do use them for their real purpose, I’m sure my love for them will grow even deeper.

To honor these star athletes of the Mama Goddess team, we’ve created a new kit: The Perineal Healing Kit.  This kit has all the items for recovering perineum care, and includes mesh panties, peri bottles, a sitz bath, maternity pads and our Perineal Healing Wash.  As with any of our kits, you get a slight discount by purchasing the items together instead of individually.

To find the Perineal Healing Kit in Canada, click here.  The US/all other countries, click here.

Thanks for reading 😉

Dress up my kid for the party – How do I dress?

How to dressup your kid

New mothers need practical things for those first days after their baby is born. But you need also think about party’s dresses for special occasions. Today, let´s go talk about fashion for kids.

Girl´s Dresses

Girl´s Dresses – Brazilian Vestidos de Festa Infantil

All the parents wish to dress their kids up in the best clothes, yet the most challenging task is to make your kid love the dress, the top tip for it is to make the kid choose the clothes on their own or to stay aware of the new trends and fashion for kids clothing. Being a parent is a full-time job and requires you to be a master of all trades. You have to be the doctor for your kid, the cook, the driver, the entertainer and yes the dress designer. Whenever you are about to buy your kid’s clothes, you have to make sure to get the best.

Party dresses for kids

Party dresses for kids

When we talk about kid’s clothing, the most challenging time is to select the dress for some upcoming event or a party. This task is not far tricky if you know exactly how to mix up a few regular clothing items to create something extraordinary.

How to dressup your kid

Kids dress up ideas for party


If you lack the knack of selecting right clothes or cannot decide which clothes would suit your kid best for the event, there is no need to worry as here we are to help you with some fantastic ideas that would surely earn you appreciation from others and happiness from the kid.

  • Try Ethnicity!

One of the top ideas to make your kid look beautiful and trendy is to go the ethnic way. It could be stylish and decent at the same time. Pick the cultural dresses of your area and recreate it for your kid. It would surely be a head turner for your little one in the party. If you choose a national or cultural dress, you could help produce patriotism in your kid as well.

Mom and daughter fashion style

Mom and daughter fashion style

  • Get costumed

Nothing could excite your child more than getting a costume for the party. If there is not a specific theme for the party, you could get your kid costumed to depict some celebrity. You can pick from princesses dresses for the girls and superheroes for the boys. You could go for some fruit, vegetable, animal, nature, color, Disney, Harry Potter or any other costume. There are several different options other than these for all the famous characters but remember not to choose such an outfit that would kill your kid’s self-esteem.

Kid's Dresses

Kid’s Dresses

  • Formal clothing

Getting the kid to wear the formal clothes could make him feel super mature and elegant. For the girls, you could go picking the long frilly frocks, elegant gowns or princesses’ dress imitations. For boys, you could go for tuxedos, paint shirts, coats or a decent shirt with pant and shining shoes.

Dresses for children

Dresses for children

  • Casual clothing

A very wrong thought about casual clothes is that you cannot wear them to a party. Since there is no dress code to a party and you could present yourself best even in casual clothes, there would be not a problem to wear a t-shirt with jeans and sneakers to the event as long as they are clean and smooth to wear. Girls could go in skirt blouses, short frock or even pant shirts as well.

Dresses for little princess

Dresses for little princess

  • Mix it all up

A fantastic approach for the parent is to mix up all the dresses and create something new for the kid; it could be done with the clothes from your wardrobe as well. But remember one major thing that the mixing up should be done with some sense so that your kid does not get humiliated in the party.


  • Vintage dressing

Vintage dressing never gets old for any function or any event. It would be ideal to dress your kid in the vintage styled clothes, adding a touch of classic dresses for kids with a fancy Gothic hairstyle. Make sure that your kid is confident enough to go the party dressed uniquely.


Women dress up ideas


Not only the task of selecting appropriate clothes for your kid is a difficult task, equally hard it is to decide what to wear yourself. It’s hard to determine whether a frilly gown would look good or just a casual dress would do. If you too are a party animal and you are in search of some proper dress up ideas, here we are going to help you know how precisely a Brazilian woman should dress up to look elegant and trendy.

Women dress up ideas

  • The most prominent inspiration for the women of Brazil is the long termed dramas and movies that air on the television. The celebrities on media are the primary inspiration to dress and style for the regular Brazilian women, all you have to do is to keep your eyes open to the latest trends.
  • These women feel the pride in their bodies which is why most of the clothes design in such a way that they reveal the skin. They take their bodies and fitness too seriously and could go to any extreme to stay in shape.
  • Jeans is the significant part of a woman’s apparel when it’s that time of the year when exposing skin is not possible. Jeans combined with some tasteful yet unique tops is the favorite dress of the Brazilian women in cold days. Wearing the tops and blouses that stay hem like above the knee is the common inspiration in young girls in the summertime.
  • The clothes are preferred to be tight and stuck to the skin, baggy and floppy clothes are not much welcome in Brazil. Brazilian women also love short skirts with blouses that do not have sleeves.
  • The dressing rules for businesswomen are not the same; they have to get appropriately dressed wither in suits or such dresses that depict feminists at max. People in Brazil pay more attention to the overall appearance rather than a single fabulous piece of cloth.